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Windshield Tint

     There's no real question as to if whether or not you should protect yourself from the sun. For all the good it does to provide warmth and vitamin D you still want to protect your self from ultra violet rays A and B. When you're spending hours a year driving back and forth  in your car in this Florida heat weather or not its back and forth on I4 or just through town in Orlando, it can seem like you're at the mercy of the sun's harmful UV rays! So protecting yourself by tinting  your windows and windshield with tint is kind of a no-brainer.

      Tint Force has top of the line window tinting films that block 99.9% of those harmful Rays. We recommend the clear Retro IRP 70 film, its a ceramic window film that has great clarity looking out of and all of the heat rejection you would get from traditional darker films. Also protecting the interior of your car and your skin. So tinting your car windows is a good idea.

Tesla | Model X

tesla windshild tint

We had a customer come to us wanting to get there Tesla tinted along with the windshield but not so much for privacy, so we went with a ceramic 70% to help block the heat and still protect the beautiful intieror.

Jeep Wrangler

applied windshield film

Glare reduction and heat rejection are the most important benefits of ceramic window tinting . Including superior clarity and scratch resistant coating .  When Intsalled properly reduces   the risk of low angled haze . 

Ford Mustang

winow tinting

Whether you choose a clear ceramic car tint or a light ceramic windshield tint  they bot h block 99% of UV's A and B !

Applying process


Each window tint is molded to fit to every window and installed to perfection . Heat shrinking windows is a delicate process when done correctly have great clarity and have zero distortion from over heating. This takes years to learn!!!!

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